DJ Jason is the one and only Singing DJ.  There are no last minute substitutions or changes for your special day when you book here! Jason has been working as a professional entertainer since 1998 and has amassed quite the resume in that time. The singing DJ was born from the idea that your wedding day should not be ruined by tacky, inconsiderate, and frankly untrained entertainers. Jason has entertained professionally as a DJ, singer, guitarist, actor and host throughout the country and that experience shows in his performance. Jason has been singing with the world famous "Dapper Dans of Disneyland" since 2006 and has a firm understanding on what it means to present a good show. Your wedding day relies on smooth transitions, thoughtful interjections as needed throughout and it takes a seasoned professional to make that happen. In addition to being a DJ/Emcee, Jason has worked as "Father Mark" in Tony and Tina's Wedding on the Las Vegas Strip, as the warm up host/singer for SeaWorld San Diego's Blue Horizons Dolphin Show, as a singer in the hit show Drawn to the Magic at Disney's California Adventure, has toured through 43 states and 25 counties, and been a part of many other high caliber entertainment offerings throughout the country. He has a firm grasp on how to get a crowd excited and dancing while at the same time maintaining the dignity of such an important event. In short, The Singing DJ knows how to effectively turn your wedding day and reception into the best day of your life!